Mobile App Development

We are extremely experienced when it comes to developing apps for both iOS and Android devices. Our expertise varies from simple games to gaming and large enterprise solutions.

We think it's fun to develop apps at Game Nexa, and we believe that our customer's success is our success. Even if you have only one idea, we help you brainstorm and develop the idea of ​​a mature concept. One of our biggest advantages is our many developers and our wide range of competencies. This enables us to build even the most advanced apps on the market.
Tell us your idea and we'll come up with constructive suggestions on how to proceed with the process. Once the app is finished, we will help you publish it on Google Play and the App Store.


As our new customer, we guide you through the whole process. No matter whether it's a website or app, or something quite third, the process is basically the same. You will be awarded a project manager at Game Nexa, which will follow you throughout the process from brainstorming to launch. Your project manager has the necessary experience to make sure that everything progresses as smeared through all the phases below.


In order for us to make sure that we get the best out of your idea, we offer a brainstorming phase where we, in cooperation with you, review all of the app's features. Along the way, we put critical questions and come up with constructive suggestions based on our experiences. Once the brainstorming phase is over, we will also be able to give you an estimate of how much time and resources it takes to develop your project.


We start by making a detailed project plan. This plan contains specifications, wireframes (a virtual model of the app) and 2 to 3 suggestions for graphic design as well as a detailed overview of development tasks and time consuming.


The development will start as soon as the planning is completed and approved by you. The development phase is led by the same project manager who has made the planning and follows you through the entire project.
You can follow closely the developments through our project management system and you will quickly receive the first versions of the app that you can test on your own smartphone. If you have any changes or questions, you can easily report them to the project management system. All questions and requests will be assigned to your project manager.


Once the app is ready for launch, we will help you set up a developer account with Google and Apple. The process takes a couple of days. It's important that your app is released on your own App Store account as future success will link to the app's owner.


When the app is launched, ChinaSoft offers maintenance and future development on the app. We can also monitor how the app performs and ensure the app is always online.
You will of course have access to the same developers and project managers who helped build the app to start with.