Our Quality Assurance services achieves the quality required in a software application. We strive to eliminate defects at the inception stage, during the development phase. This avoids multiple iterations from testing to fixing defects and testing again. Our explicit automated testing mechanism is crucial for the testing process and helps build an efficient application. By systematically following the Software Testing Life Cycle, we provide an end-to-end quality assurance to deliver error-free solutions.

Test Planning

Precise planning is more than half the work done, this is the importance of test planning. Spending an optimum time on planning the test helps to achieve goals in stipulated time and budget. Test planning involves creating a blue print of the testing process. Our testing experts analyze the testing requirements and create a specific test plan.

Regression Testing

Regression testing confirms the accurate functioning of application after it is being enhanced or any patches or configuration changes have been made. It involves rechecking of the application using the executed test cases.
Our regression testing services ensure that the reported product defects are corrected for each new release and no new quality problems are introduced in the maintenance process.

Code-driven testing

This testing involves checking of the code and validates the outputs as per the inputs made with help of classes, libraries, and modules.

GUI testing

It involves testing the events that are executed on GUI. It checks the application for the results happening after the keystrokes and mouse clicks.

Performance Testing

Performance Testing comprises of verifying the performance of the software application while responding to a particular command. It is important to conduct Performance Testing as it helps to know how the system performs when subjected to normal working process, excessive stress, or different mode of information entry.
It identifies the bottlenecks and user response time issues and its causes. The Performance Testing process helps the system to become consistent and give accurate results as per the business requirements. Machine and Infrastructure capabilities are tested during Performance Testing and accordingly the overall performance of the Software application is evaluated.
We offer the Performance Testing services as a whole or in collaboration with other services. Rather than doing the Performance Testing after the application development, we do it throughout the development cycle which helps us to get rid of the performance issues right at the initial stage.

Load Testing

Load Testing is a type of Performance Testing that involves checking of the application in reaction to increased load. Load Testing service provides the usability testing of the application before the deployment. It helps you to gather information on whether your application can handle 100 or 1000 or more users.
We check sustainability of an application when number of users increase and we identify any potential bottlenecks that might be affecting performance.

Security Testing

Security Testing services at Intelliswift ensure that your application is completely secure. It protects the information systems data from unconditional usage. We follow the OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) recommendations for our approach to Security Testing.
The testing engineers at Intelliswift incorporate security element at every stage of testing thus enhancing the security of the application. Our team of dedicated, proficient Security Testing professionals test for security issues starting from the development phase that helps to fix issues at an early stage.